AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout 2024: The Ultimate Comparison

Buying products from Amazon usually means making crucial sales and marketing decisions, which can be overwhelming for many businesses.

Businesses sometimes require copious amounts of data to be able to make pivotal decisions to compete and grow their profits.

Marketing strategies, pricing and product choices are among these decisions.

Product research tools are available to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers so they can stay competitive.

AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout are among the most popular product research tools in the market today.

In order to determine which product offers the best choice for FBA sellers on Amazon, we will evaluate both thoroughly.

Jungle Scout Vs AMZ Tracker – Features

Jungle Scout Features


This article will discuss Jungle Scout’s features and how to use it.

There is a Chrome extension and a web app available for Jungle Scout, both of which provide users with detailed research insights.

 Adding more product details to Amazon searches would benefit beginners preferring the Chrome extension.

With this extension, users can find additional information about potential products on the Amazon pages, such as the products’ popularity, sales performance and competitors.

Additionally, FBA fees and profit margins are provided for products within the application.

The Jungle Scout web app is designed for those Amazon sellers with more experience.

Users can find data more thoroughly and access vast quantities of data more quickly with its detailed search filters.

It includes several features, including a product tracker and competitor tracking.

Businesses do not want to invest time and resources into a product that will likely not sell.

The Jungle Scout program helps sellers to be more informed about the niche and product that they are entering.

Using accurate, pre-compiled sales data, Jungle Scout has compiled a product catalogue for sellers, helping them to focus on products with the most sales potential.

Features such as the Niche Hunter will enable users to select keywords and niches with the lowest amount of competition in relation to search volume.

A user can review their own product history, as well as the history of their competitors’ products, including their sales and prices, using the Product History feature.

Various metrics allow users to filter through various metrics such as popularity, competition, and keywords to assess a niche, product, or keyword’s popularity.

Using sales data, observations, reviews, location, price, and demographics, they can refine their search. Likewise, these filters may be used to assess the performance and products of a competitor.

New sellers and entrepreneurs can find many useful free tools and resources on Jungle Scout’s website. A 24/7 help desk is available to customers.

AMZ Tracker Features

AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout

The 360-degree seller strategy, which combines offensive, defensive, and reconnaissance functions, helps FBA sellers to better manage their efficiency, service quality, and product rankings.

With offensive features, users will be guided to make optimal choices, which will help them gain customers.

Utilizing features such as the Keyword Ranker, DeepWords, and Conversion Rate Assessor users can choose appropriate keywords and monitor conversion rate factors.

AMZTracker uses Super URLs to drive more traffic to users’ Amazon products. They direct users to those products via social media channels.

Vipon Deals Community allows AMZTracker users to access another wide market while boosting their rankings on Amazon.

Even if there are plenty of visitors to your website, if you don’t protect and retain these customers, they will not convert. This is where the defensive strategy comes in.

Among the defensive strategies is the Negative Review Notifications feature, which allows a user to respond promptly to negative reviews and address the issues that may have led to them.

User’s can take actions to reclaim their listing when they are alerted that a rival seller is hijacking the listing through the Hijack Alert feature.

Using the email notification tool, users can easily track their store’s progress and marketing optimization strategies by receiving updates via email.

AMZTracker has not branded this report.

AMZTracker’s Reconnaissance feature assesses new opportunities and competitor tactics on a regular basis to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Users can keep track of their competitors’ strategies by using the Competitor Analysis feature.

By using a number of sales performance metrics, Product Tracking lets users compare the performance of their products with their competitors’.

A new tool, Unicorn Smasher, is also available to AMZ Tracker users; it helps them identify new high-potential markets and new products to explore within their niche.

Even if the original niche product or the original store is not performing very well, AMZTracker will be able to assist you in finding better products and better niches (e.g. what your competitors are doing) that will ultimately help you succeed with Amazon.

AMZTracker is, therefore, more than a tool for online businesses; it’s also an important tool for all aspiring entrepreneurs, even when they are a little misled.


AMZ Tracker appears to offer users a fair amount of useful tools; however, it is not the most affordable option.

Several of the tools offered by AMZTracker are only useful for startups, and are not necessary for long-term growth.

The exorbitant costs do not justify the monthly subscriptions, especially since there are cheaper, shorter-term alternatives.

A wider range of features is available in Jungle Scout. These features also provide users with more in-depth research data and at a significantly lower price.

In addition, Jungle Scout focuses more on the competition of a user and provides more in-depth advice regarding which item is most likely to be successful.

Due to its extensive features and lower pricing, Jungle Scout has the advantage.

Jungle Scout Vs AMZ Tracker – Efficacy & Performance

Data Accuracy

AMZ Tracker is found to provide less data quantity and lower data accuracy than Jungle Scout.

It may be necessary for a user to perform a manual search on an item occasionally since neither AMZ Tracker nor Jungle Scout cover every product.

Our Choice

The services range from product research, keyword scouting, and listing creation to inventory management, sales tracking, and analytics. Thus Jungle Scout is preferred.

Interface And User-Friendliness

The AMZ Tracker dashboard has been found to be more difficult to use. Jungle Scout’s is simpler and more user-friendly. It is also problematic to manage AMZ’s software.

AMZ Tracker Vs Jungle Scout – Support

In spite of the fact that AMZTracker does feature several helpful articles on their website along with a user’s guide, some questions remain unanswered.

Some users claim AMZ Tracker does not offer any customer service at all.

New FBA vendors and entrepreneurs can access a variety of free and premium resources from Jungle Scout. Compared to AMZ Tracker, their help desk seems more active.

 Jungle Scout and AMZTracker are available in many different languages and countries, including English for the United States, Spanish for Spain, and Portuguese for Portugal.

It is also possible to access Jungle Scout on mobile devices. Mobile versions of the web app are available for PCs and smartphones, although the mobile version runs more efficiently on a computer.

The Jungle Scout extension for Chrome cannot be used on mobile devices since Chrome does not support extensions.

Mobile use has become the more preferred method of interaction, and this is the primary disadvantage of the product.

In contrast, AMZTracker offers all of its features for both Kindle Books and Android apps.

AMZ Tracker is the clear winner in this regard.

AMZ Tracker Vs Jungle Scout – Who Wins?

There is no reason for AMZ Tracker to be written off completely. You can use it to guide new users to Amazon, especially those who are just getting started.

AMZ Tracker’s real value, however, appears to be in their additional services, such as Unicorn Smasher, Vipon, and SuperURL, rather than in their actual product research capabilities.

Due to the fact that users can find similar services directly and at an affordable price, it doesn’t seem worthwhile to invest so much.

Jungle Scout always seems to beat them in the competition, though.

AMZ Tracker’s initial setup can make many of its features irrelevant, while Jungle Scout’s can last for years.

Overall, Jungle is the better option, as it’s more intelligent.

Jungle Scout simply offers a fraction of that and for a much longer period of time.

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