6 Things to Do to Make Your Blog an Internet Sensation

Blogging has proved to be one of the most lucrative mediums. People may believe that it is easy, but it is easier said than done. It is similar to being a salesman when it comes to attracting audience for a blog. It is a real cyber competition and is equal to any reality show. To survive in the ‘blog’ industry, you must work on your blog and prepare it to get it on the list. Here are 6 things that you must do to make your blog a huge success.

Internet Sensation

Design an Attractive Homepage

A blog’s homepage is what first meets the eye of the viewer. Most people decide whether or not to explore the blog, on the basis of its homepage. There is more traffic on the blog, if the homepage is intriguing. The easiest way of creating a good homepage is to consider the audience that the blog is targeted towards. For example, it should exhibit colors and things that portray a rather feminine nature, if the blog is targeted towards women. Avoid stereotyping much, but ensure that the blog is ideal for women.

Ensure That the Blog Lives Up to its Name

The most common mistakes that bloggers make are getting diverted from the actual content and failing to justify the name of the blog. Don’t be them! Messing this step up is like coming across a blog named ‘movie reviews’ that posts about dogs. Make sure you choose the correct name for your blog and write content that is appropriate and suitable for it. Be unambiguous with the thoughts and ideas that you want to convey to the audience. Viewers also tend to go for blogs with fancy names.

Use Your Artistic Skills

Make your blog colorful and vivid. Insert pictures, videos, clip arts and gifs, wherever possible. People like blogs that have pages occupied with content. Try covering maximum area of your page and including original artwork by turning on your artistic mode. Ensure they are related to your content and are age appropriate.

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Keep Your Information Updated

Unless you like being mysterious, don’t pull a Miley Cyrus for your blog. People like to know whose blog they’re exploring. Regularly update your personal information. In fact, you should update your information daily instead of once a week or a month. Share your interests with your audience. You are likely to get more fame through your blog if people know who you are. Viewers always like bloggers who are personal, because then they feel more connected to them.

Insert a Closing Line

The only way your audience can communicate with you is through the comment section. After you have written an engaging content, add a concluding line or a paragraph. This will commence the interaction session between you and them. This is beneficial for several reasons like,

  • Getting tips from the visitors for improving your blog.
  • Exchanging a few words of gratitude.
  • Knowing them and their thoughts about you (good or bad).
  • Breaking the awkwardness, if any.
  • Earn Through Blogging

Let’s face the fact that a sizeable number of people engage in blog writing because it offers huge money and fame, if done right. Once you have successfully attracted good traffic, contact ad firms like Google Adsense, which assess your blog and provide you with pay-per click ads on your blog page. Through these ads, you get a small amount of the total profit made by the company. The more the viewers click on the ads, the more you get paid.

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