5 Tips to Choose Better Brand Names

Creating and promoting a product or service might not be a tedious job, when you have enough skill and confidence! Nevertheless, when you want to create a brand, consisting of a few of products or services, promotion transforms to an extremely tough job, because you will have to promote that brand, let people remember it, and choose it when it comes to selecting a product from market. Foremost reason why majority fail in promoting their brand is not the lack of effectiveness of their efforts, but it deals with selection of a nice brand name. Importance of a good brand name is extraordinarily important when it comes to web-based companies that do promotion through web itself. In this post, we have a few tips that will help you choose an effective brand name for your business. We hope these tips will have a great effect on brand experience offered by your company or business! Though there are hundreds of strategies to be followed, we have five tips to follow during the selection process of brand name.


More often than not, audience remembers your brand name from company logo! You will be designing the company logo either after or before choosing brand name. In both scenarios, you have to make sure that there is a guessable similarity between your brand name and logo, so that audience will be able to draw your brand name from logo. For instance, just as we do in case of several aspects of brand marketing, we can take the case of Apple, the brainchild of Steve Jobs. When it comes to the case of techies, Apple Inc was able to replace the whole idea of ‘apple’ using brand name of company, as they had made use of picture of an Apple in its logo. There are a number of other examples for showing effectiveness of this strategy. You can observe that almost every popular brand keeps that mentioned nexus between brand name and logo of company.

2. Uniqueness of Name – Confirm It

In this era of internet, you cannot make a marketing effort complete without giving equal value to online marketing, as you will lose a huge amount of audience otherwise. The very step to confirm web friendliness of your brand name is to make sure that no one else, not even a local company (who knows whether they will become huge in future), is using neither the brand name nor social media profiles under that name. Likewise, it is wise enough to check if a nice domain name for your official website. If you are not sure about both cases, it might need to dilution of brand and so business. As you are concerned about web friendliness, it is better to go for short names for your brand, or you will have to find an acronym for the name.

3. Hold Tight on Simplicity

What do you think about having a 100-character-long brand name for your products? It will be weird for your whole marketing efforts, so for audience to perceive your brand name and use it. So, when we consider power of simplicity, it is good to choose a simple brand name, so that spreading that name will not be a tedious task for you, or for your audience. Sometimes, you cannot help using some tough words in the brand name, but it is always preferred to use simple ones that cause less pronunciation errors when it comes to common people. Simplicity does not mean that it is necessary to continue using the cliché names and words in the brand name. On the other hand, what you have to do is to combine power of uniqueness and simplicity for sake of easier promotion and word spreading.

4. Let Audience Remember It

Literally, no one is going to spend minutes to figure out your brand name from his/her memory, unless you’re the only provider of that service or product. Thus, especially if you are in a competitive industry of products/services, you’ve to be assured of the fact that your brand name is easy to remember. As we mentioned in web friendliness, if name is lengthy, you can go for a short form of that brand name, which MUST be easy to remember. It is better to avoid those meaningless phrases or words when you have to select brand name, and opt some superb, impressive and easy-to-remember words for that purpose.

5. Let it Convey about your Business

Wouldn’t that be great if audience gets an idea about product or service you put forward through the name itself? In that aspect, it is good to choose a brand name that is capable of conveying true essence of your business. Audience, you target, have to understand what your business is all about – or at least a vague idea – from logo, so it will have a good effect on remembering purpose of brand name.

What do you think about these tips to choose brand name? Do you have any other effective tips? We are waiting for your answers through comments.

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  1. Hey, this is one of the toughest task for an entrepreneur to accomplish and I must agree to the fact that name can make or break the business right away. So its a serious thing which should be taken care of..


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