5 Free Alternatives to Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular image editing and manipulation program available for us. Photoshop is used by the majority of the Graphics Designers, Photographers and illustrators to edit or manipulate the images. It is the first choice of designers for editing the pictures. There are many other image editing programs which are good enough to replace Adobe Photoshop.

Alternatives to Photoshop

As the Adobe Photoshop is a paid software program, many designers cannot buy it due to high price. That’s why, we are listing the best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives, which will help you to do image editing and manipulation easily. The Photoshop Alternatives we are listing here are the best one and can do almost everything the photoshop does. So, let’s start the list of Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives.

Best Adobe Photoshop Alternative Software Programs


The GIMP, also known as the GNU Image Manipulation Program is the most popular Photoshop Alternative. The GIMP is an Open-Source Photo/Image Editor and manipulation program on almost every Operating System. Right now, the GIMP is the best alternative for Adobe Photoshop. This Software comes with nearly every feature of Adobe Photoshop for Illustrators and Designers.

The Good thing about the GIMP is that it is available for Free of Cost. Also, it can be found on almost every operating system. The GIMP is available to download on Windows, Linux, MacOS, SkyOS and Unix.


Have you ever used the Microsoft Paint? If yes, then this is the alternative for it too. The Paint.NET is the primary Alternative for the Adobe Photoshop. You can assume it as the Advanced version of Microsoft Paint, but the Basic version of the Adobe Photoshop.

With Paint.NET, you can do all the basic photo editing work. Cropping the Image, Adding Text, Changing filters and extend the functionality by installing extensions to this program. It is a less cluttered and simple image editing program and a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

The Paint.NET is available for free of cost, but only on Windows Operating Systems.


If you are on the Macintosh and missing out the free alternatives to the Photoshop, then the SeaShore is for you. The SeaShore is an open-source image editing tool, developed specially for Macintosh users. The SeaShore and GIMP have some striking similarities regarding features.

The SeaShore is a medium level image editing tool for professional image editors and illustrators. But still, it comes with some useful features like Brushing, Gradient, Layers, cropping and all the other stuff.

The SeaShore is a Mac-Only Open-Source software, so you cannot run it on Windows or any other operating system other than Macintosh.


If you are on Linux and want a different Image editing software program, then Krita is available for you. The Krita is one of the most famous image editing software program available for Linux Environments. The Krita is second most popular image editing tool after GIMP for Linux.

The Krita is pretty advanced image editing and manipulation software program which can do every image editing job perfectly. The Krita comes with a complete KOffice Suite and makes up the full Office and image editing software programs.

The Krita is available for Free on All Linux Distributions and also on the Windows Platform. Unfortunately, it is not available for Macintosh OS.


Pixelmator is a paid alternative to the Photoshop. The Pixelmator is an Exclusive to MacOS and available only on Mac PC’s. The Pixelmator is a pretty simple yet advanced image editor program for Macintosh computers. The Pixelmator is known as the best alternative to the Photoshop on Mac.

Pixelmator is a fantastic program for touching up the photos, edit the pictures and do some excellent illustrations. The Pixelmator is a cheaper Adobe Photoshop alternative for Macintosh and available for $29.99 only.

Corel PaintShop Pro

The Corel PaintShop Pro is the longtime rival of the Photoshop. The Corel PaintShop comes with pretty similar features with Adobe Photoshop. The Corel PaintShop Pro is a paid alternative to the Photoshop. It comes with almost every adobe photoshop feature, yet affordable.

Many Corel fans love to use Corel PaintShop Pro over the Adobe Photoshop. The Corel PaintShop Pro is available to purchase for a reasonable price tag of $77/-. This software program is available to download for Windows and Macintosh OS.

Affinity Photo

The Affinity Photo Editor is a full-fledged alternative to the Adobe Photoshop, but exclusive to MacOS. The Affinity Photo Editor is a full-fledged advanced image editing tool, which created a buzz amongst Mac using Graphics Designers and editors.

The Good thing about Affinity Photo software is that it is compatible with all of the image formats. It also supports RAW images and PSD image extensions. Unlike the Memory consuming Photoshop, the Affinity Photo runs on little memory and doesn’t eat up your system resources. The lightweight photo editing alternative to Photoshop claims faster speed than its rival.

The Affinity Photo is available for $49.99/- on MacOS.

Final Words

The Photoshop is the finest image editing and image manipulation program available on the internet. But, the high price tag of this software program is the major roadblock for graphic designers and photographers who are low on budget. In such cases, using the Adobe Photoshop Alternatives is the smartest choice.

I hope you’ve found the best free and paid adobe photoshop alternative to use on your computer. If you have any other photoshop alternative to add to this list, then please comment down below.

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