3 Smartphone Apps to Help Manage Your Life Better

Unless there is just nirvana, chances are a bit of organization in life can go a very long way. From the home that looks like a storm ravaged it, to the car that appears to have several weeks of food wrappers left behind or the office desk with so many papers on it several forests died, organization can go a very long way. A serious hoarder needs professional help; these are not the apps for them. These are for the person that only needs a small bit of prodding and perhaps a swift kick to get organized. The apps will not clean a home, so get off of Candy Crush Saga and use these apps to simplify!

1. Evernote

Random notes and ideas pop into everyone’s head from time to time and without a pencil or pen a sticky note handy to make note about the ideas, chances are the ideas are quickly forgotten. Welcome to the human race.


Evernote is the app that would have made people millionaires 10 years ago because those million dollar ideas would have had somewhere to go besides into thin air. The best ideas seem to come at the worst times: in the shower, getting in and off a lift or the tube, during a meeting, etc. These are not the best times to be using a phone, sadly. There is Evernote though.

Capture ideas and notes so nothing is forgotten – just remember to put things on the app. If it can be seen, heard or said, Evernote will capture it. Generate, dictate, save and store all of those get rich quick ideas and concepts.  Should wealth fall into the lap of the user, send some back to where the idea for Evernote originated. Please?

2. Dropbox


Take notes, pictures, files and whatever else and put into Dropbox. Use Dropbox.com or the Dropbox on the home computer to pull the documents and files up. Store up to 2 GB of information for free and paying customers can have up to 100 GB of storage. Imagine Dropbox as a mail system in a hospital. Drop a note or sample into a cylinder, load into a tube and send it. Dropbox works the same way except virtually instantaneously.

Folders can be customized as public and private as well. Share documents with co-workers or family pictures, even the embarrassing ones, with relatives anywhere. Just don’t load baby pictures or the ones from college with the lampshade on the head of the current boss. Simple to use and clearly innovative, it was likely a million-dollar idea someone had some time ago but forgot.

3. pClpoud

Long days at work translate into easy nights at home. Relaxing on the couch, playing video games or surfing the Internet can quickly turn into a real time sink. Bedtime seems to come incredibly rapidly, but where did the time go?  pCloud will tell.

Timr tracks time spent – well and poorly for anyone.  Businesspeople can track time on projects  and it will also help keep track of mileage.  Determine exactly how long that meeting or nap at work really took.  Manage time better and wiser with the Cloud storage software.  Stop throwing birds at pigs or matching candies and get a better way to spend time.  Thinking up multi-million dollar ideas is a start, for example.

Aishwar Babber

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  1. The first two are already being used by me. Its time to try the third one. Now the time is seriously an Issue and sometimes i do ask my self that where did the whole day went when i hardly remeber anything which may have taken so much time.
    Thanks for sharing this article.


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