3 Best Typing Software 2024

If you get better at typing, you’ll be able to manage text communication far more swiftly and precisely. This might be helpful in a range of academic and professional environments where typing is a requirement.

Using the available tutors, we made an effort to produce a list of the 3 best typing software for 2024.

3 Best Typing Software

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3 Best Typing Software 2024

1. Typesy Typing Software


Touch typing experts developed Typesy, the most well-known teacher in the field. It combines typing games, exercises, video tutorials, and real-time progress tracking to help you enhance and further boost your speed and accuracy.

The typing program will assess your skill level and provide goals to create a tailored starting point. It is suitable for youngsters, students, and adults alike. Lessons and typing exercises are based on reliable information websites (i.e., Wikipedia). However, they can also be manually produced, distributed, or changed to accommodate the students’ individual preferences.

Features – Typesy offers a tonne of games and amusing activities to help you learn to type more rapidly. It also supports 7 different learning methods. Users may monitor their growth and stay motivated. The homeschool edition now includes a powerful parent-teacher admin interface for organizing classrooms of 4 to 30 children. consists of certifications that are accepted by employers.

Accessibility – Typesy is available as a cloud-based Homeschool or Individual VIP edition. It is compatible with countless installations and all operating systems. Dictation instruction is offered. There can be a maximum of 5 user accounts (VIP). Additionally, Typesy offers premium software and training in ergonomics and productivity.

In conclusion, Typesy is one of the best keyboarding programs available in terms of usability, video coaching, a quantity of tasks and lessons, tracking of progress, and adaptive learning strategies. On-demand learning works nicely with Type VIP. Family/Homeschool is the same program and gives a 5-year license, but it is more cost-effective for long-term study.

2. Kaz Typing Tutor

Kaz Typing Tutor

With Kaz Typing‘s Accelerated Learning feature, students may learn to type in just 90 minutes. Science is behind this revolutionary breakthrough that uses the brain balance technique to enhance learning abilities.

This tried-and-true tactic uses 11 words in 5 short phrases to engage the senses of hearing, touching, and seeing. This teaches the brain how to simultaneously and symmetrically use both hands.

Advantages – KAZ It is possible for students as young as six to use typing tutor software. For faster typing, a Speed Builder module is provided. The Self-Test tool enables the student to evaluate their skills and provide concrete evidence of their progress.

The KAZ typing program has five lessons that can teach you how to use the keyboard from A to Z in about an hour. Including exercises, learning the full keyboard will probably take four hours. You may always go back and hone your skills and improve your accuracy. Here is a brief synopsis:

  • Flying Start – (introducing course and site navigation)
  • The Basics – (the 5 phrases teaching the A-Z keys)
  • Just Do It – (practicing A-Z keys)
  • And The Rest – (training punctuation keys)
  • SpeedBuilder – (improving speed and accuracy)

Accessibility – Any web browser can access Adult Online’s single-user license for the home edition. Families or parents who homeschool their children may find KAZ Family, which features 5 user accounts and a Junior version, to be a better option.

Businesses and academic organizations might use specialized typing software to meet their specific requirements. Every browser and operating system are supported. KAZ adheres to GDPR.

One of the few businesses that offer a typing program specifically created for people with dyslexia is KAZ, which offers Dyslexia Edition.

This edition, which was developed in collaboration with the Dyslexia Research Trust, has filter screens to help reduce visual stress, spoken keyboard buttons, appropriate backdrop colors, certain typefaces, font colors, and sizes.

Extras – KAZ was nominated for a 2019 Bett Award in recognition of its efforts to address a number of educational needs. There is also a City & Guilds version accessible for those who need testing and internationally recognized certification (CPD – Continuing Professional Development Accreditation).

Based on its incredible concept, features, and support, KAZ is without a doubt the best typing software trainer in terms of time management and efficiency.

Online adult pricing is $/£/€ 24.99, online family pricing is $/£/€ 74.99, and desktop pricing is $/£/€ 39.99.

3. Typing Instructor

Typing Instructor

A fun and inventive typing program is called Typing Instructor. The use of enjoyable arcade-style games, it benefits students of all ability levels—beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Despite being suitable for all ages, the typing program was created primarily for kids. More seasoned typists might also benefit from improved keyboard skills.

Features – Typing Instructor has 20 pedagogical typing themes and 36 experiences with 3 locations, including a safari holiday or space flight. Students can create their own distinctive typing classes.

With the help of game-style learning, you may improve your speed and accuracy while honing your skills with typing exams. Results come quickly and precisely.

Dynamic Learning: The results will show both a student’s areas of strength and their areas for improvement. After identifying the student’s areas of weakness, the dynamic learning function of Typing Instructor provides focused lessons for them to focus on and improve those skills.

TI is designed for Windows-based computers, making them accessible. The user should be made aware of the stringent system requirements for the arcade-styled themes. You may test out each feature using their free trial version. A version of one of the best typing tutors for kids is also available for very young students.

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