3 Best Speed Reading Course 2024

Anyone’s life, knowledge, and career prospects can be positively impacted by being able to read quickly. Despite the fact that the majority of people view reading as a fundamental skill, few actually make an attempt to learn more complex techniques.

An online speed reading course can help you learn more quickly and effectively. Below is a list of the 3 best speed reading courses for 2024, each of which tries to speed up reading while enhancing comprehension, memory, and recall.

3 Best Speed Reading Course

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3 Best Speed Reading Course 2024

1. Spreeder Speed Reading Course


You can read three times as fast and comprehend what you read with Spreeder, an advanced eReader, and an online speed reading school. Thanks to a merger with 7-Speed-Reading, it now combines a strong RSVP reader with knowledgeable video lessons, strong exercises, games, drills, progress tracking, and a vocabulary builder.

reading instruction for speed The program was developed by eReflect, a renowned leader in educational software, and it offers a selection of speed reading courses taught by the top American reading experts. Additionally, there are activities that were devised scientifically to improve reading comprehension, reduce eye fixations, and battle bad reading habits.

eReader with embedded RSVP from Spreeder An eReader can process any digital reading material, documents, and eBooks quickly. This kind of tool is great for expanding your knowledge, preparing for exams, or digesting information quickly. You can access your own stuff that is stored in the cloud from any place or device. There are 46 supported file formats.

Exercise to build vocabulary There is a correlation between reading speed and the number of words one knows and can understand. A specific vocabulary tool with 636 lists of words chosen by specialists is included in the speed reading program to aid in your improvement in this area. Users can create their own lists and add words using the dictionary, which provides information about the context of a term.

Accessibility – Spreeder supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome platforms and provides access from any device with ongoing synchronization. The dashboard provides an overview of your progress. You can work on your weaknesses, set sensible goals, and monitor your overall success. A dark theme is also an option.

This is the best speed reading program if you want an all-in-one tool with a speed eReader, qualified tutorials and exercises, a vocabulary builder, tracking, and customizable learning settings. Premium time management, productivity, and brain training are among Spreeder’s additional VIP perks. Spreeder is accessible for a risk-free trial.

2. Rev It Up Reading Course


The well-liked course Rev It Up Reading was developed by Abby Marks Beale, a well-known expert in reading development. Abby started an online tutoring service to help students worldwide improve their grades.

What it does: You may develop both basic and advanced reading skills in just 5 hours with the help of our time-saving speed reading course. A long record of accomplishments from renowned companies backs up this system.

Favorite Rev It Up song People who must read quickly, such as professionals, students, and pleasure readers, are the best readers. The session is highly personalized because students communicate with Abby directly, which increases their interest. Any questions you have will be answered within a day.

Features: Rev It Up Reading is clear that reading in the classroom is important. The course focuses on the unique requirements of each learner, helping them to read more carefully, understand the material better, and recognize key points more rapidly. Students can also monitor their progress using the 17 timed tasks provided and a self-evaluation and habit assessment.

Price: Day passes are offered for 7, 90, and 365 days. for a week, $71. For $199 for 90 days. includes limitless support via private email.

3. Iris Speed Reading Course

Iris Speed Reading Course

Iris Reading is a well-known and prosperous business that specializes in classes for memorization and fast reading. Thanks to mentions in the Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur.com, learners can feel assured in the quality of their online courses or in-person sessions. Students get access to all online video lessons at all times.

Iris offers video-based online speed reading classes that students can access at their own convenience and leisure. Three online courses are available: “Speed Reading Foundation Course,” “Speed Reading Mastery,” and “Advanced Comprehension and Memory Course.”

The remaining modules build on the information learned in the foundational course, whilst the Foundation module is best suited for novices. Although each tutorial is available for purchase separately, Iris also offers a discounted cost for the whole selection of their online courses.

All major American cities, including New York, Boston, Washington, and Los Angeles, provide and host live speed reading classes as well (see city options).

There are many locations that provide foreign classes, including Toronto, London, Moscow, Singapore, and Mumbai. Every booked live lesson includes a fantastic bonus: a one-year license for AceReader to help you continue honing your abilities.

An online speed-reading Bootcamp is meant to take the role of a traditional speed-reading program. Over the course of five weeks, it comprises speed tests and question-and-answer sessions. Lessons will be recorded on tape so you may easily access them in the future. This is the timetable.

Accessibility – Online courses work with all browsers and operating systems. Iris offers additional tools and resources to assist you in developing your reading and memory skills. Iris would be the ideal course for you to master fast reading if you like video or live training.

Price range: $50 to $100. Live training classes begin at $199. Bootcamp starts at $197.

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