11 Best Genesis Child Themes For WordPress Blogs

When you join blogging industry, your blog becomes your identity. If it’s not good in appearance people will leave one second after landing on it! To make it appealing, you need a beautiful theme. Here, you can checkout best Genesis child themes to make your WordPress blog appealing. 

We have to consider the looks of our blogs when we start a new website/blog because if something is pretty looking and easy to use then there are more chances that readers will come back for further reading material.

In this article I am going to share best WordPress child themes from Genesis Framework so hope you enjoy with them all.



A blog is like a house and the visitors are its guests. If your visitor sees something messy, they will simply leave without wasting any time on you or your website.

This leads to failure in blogging success because no one likes visiting an unprofessional site. To avoid this mistake, invest some money into purchasing a good theme that perfectly matches with what you do for business purposes.

I’ve compiled 11 of my best Genesis Child Themes for WordPress blogs which can help make it look more professional than ever before!

List of  Top 11 Genesis Child Themes For WordPress Blogs

The Genesis Framework is the product of an extraordinary group of people. They’ve created a simple, elegant and optimized theme for blogs to increase revenue through ad clicks and email leads.

The Catalyst Theme has already been upgraded several times since it was introduced-proving that there’s great user love behind this framework!

Executive Pro Theme


Executive theme is the Genesis Child themes that can be used to display your portfolios and projects to clients in order attract them. It’s recommended for businessmen, engineers, etc who want an elegant layout for their website.

This perfect design will help you present yourself professionally so you have authority when talking about your work or vision with others – even if they don’t know much about it!

Generate Pro Theme

generate-pro-genesis- theme-child-themes-for-wordpress

Generate Pro is a powerful website builder that lets you create beautiful websites and capture leads to grow your business or increase revenue. The two places for capturing emails are at the top of home page, as well as after post with both being great options.

This theme looks clean and professional while making sure it’s efficient on mobile devices too! It comes in 3 layouts all complementary to each other which makes this an easy choice if you want something attractive but not overwhelming.

Altitude Pro Theme


If you are struggling to find the perfect WordPress business theme, Altitude Pro is an excellent option for your website. Its stunning design will help boost engagement with customers and visitors who turn into paying clients.

It features a parallax effect that allows potential buyers to easily compare prices on services offered by businesses like yours online or at home page of their site.

If speed really matters, this responsive Genesis child themes has an impressive loading time which ensures speedy navigation throughout each web page visited during web browsing sessions.

This makes it more likely for people to purchase something from your store instantly.

Metro Pro Theme


I bet you’ll love Metro Pro, a modern blog theme that’s easy to use and looks professional. It has 1152 pixel-wide frame for highlighting products or stories with incredible features.

This includes fast load time and responsiveness across multiple devices. Combine the layout options (like 5 color styles and 6 layouts) to create your own unique website!

Parallax Pro Theme


Want a theme for your business website that’s easy on the eyes and has simple vertical design? Parallax Pro is right up your alley! It puts all of its content in just the right order so visitors can scroll through easily without getting bored.

The neat thing about this one is it comes with 5 color styles, custom backgrounds, and headers. Everything you could ever want to customize exactly how you’d like.

Foodie Pro Theme


One of the best Genesis Child themes, Foodie Pro offers you six beautiful layouts and many useful widgets. You can easily add AdSense ads or affiliate product links to any widget with this theme!

AgentPress Pro Theme


If you are a real estate agent, AgentPress is the perfect WordPress theme for your website. It helps you to show off your professional services and up-to-date resources with its incredible design, powerful functionality and smart search feature at the top of each page.

Plus this theme comes in 4 color styles so it can be customized according to your preferences which makes it even better! The best part about AgentPress?

This Genesis child themes’s smart listing that allows users find what they want faster than ever before. This allows them save time during their online browsing experience. While it improves usability on both desktop computers as well as mobile devices making everything more convenient for everyone involved. 

Magazine Pro Theme


With Magazine Pro, your blog will have a magazine-inspired look and feel. It offers six layouts for you to choose from or use on multiple blogs with different layout preferences.

The four color styles are gorgeous in their own right, too! To increase subscribers via email newsletter subscriptions in the sidebar at top is an added bonus when using this theme.

This versatile child theme also makes it easy for anyone looking to add some media elements by being WordPress ready out of the box, such as images and video embeds!

Modern Portfolio Theme


The Modern Portfolio Theme is the best choice for bloggers, portfolio managers and eCommerce stores. It can be used as a platform to sell products or showcase projects that you’ve worked on.

With this child theme by your side, there’s no niche website it cannot serve well! The customer support team members will also guide you through any changes needed. So, everything runs smoothly without interruption due to production delays which would actually take up time from other tasks such as blogging or selling goods online.

Cafe Theme


Not only is the Café theme a great choice for restaurants, but it’s also perfect if you want to create an online presence for any type of brick-and-mortar business.

The Parallax and Foodie themes are two of Studio Press’ most popular genesis child themes that were combined into one in order to produce this wonderful design solution.

You can’t go wrong with choosing Cafe as your best option when deciding on which genesis child theme will work the best at creating an amazing web page!

News Theme


If you have a website that dabbles in different types of content, then News Themes is the genesis child theme for your site. This premium theme supports all formats and makes it easy to share articles from news heavy websites with readers who are always hungry for more amazing stories.

It has 5 color schemes as well as 6 layouts options so each article can be displayed on home pages where there’s room at the top or bottom of posts .

There’s also a featured slider which will make an excellent first impression when users visit your homepage! With this many benefits, what type bloggers wouldn’t want News?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Genesis child theme?

Genesis child themes doesn't affect your site as the changes take effect in the default Genesis CSS.

Is Genesis a good theme?

StudioPress Genesis child themes are known for speed, security and flexibility. Its a robust framework developed by their team and third-party developers.

How do I customize Genesis child theme?

To customize the Genesis child theme, go to appearance > customize, and edit the settings as you like.


These are best responsive genesis child themes. I have covered most of the niche blog, business and portfolio websites with these themes.

If your niche isn’t listed yet in this list take at look at more examples to find a good one for you brand new website or comment below telling me what is missing so that i can add it right away!

So, which Genesis Child Themes would you prefer for your WordPress blog?

Do share your experience or a get a new one for your WordPress blog.

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