11 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Services

When you are looking for cheap WordPress hosting services, the best place to start is right here. This blog post will give some insight on which one works better and why!

Read this post that shows some of the best WordPress hosting services to start your blog.


List of Top 11 Cheap WordPress Hosting Services

A dedicated WordPress hosting server ensures that all the sites on it are running smoothly. This is because these servers only work for one site at a time, which means there’s no interruption in service. 

Furthermore, companies offering WP support ensure customers get issues resolved fast by providing individuals who know exactly how to handle them with little instruction needed from customers themselves.



SiteGround is a great choice for those who want to use WordPress hosting. It’s one of the best cheap WordPress hosting plans that starts at $3.99/month. It offers 1 website with SSL certificate included as well as 10 GB space, which can host about 10 K visits per month according to their bandwidth estimation.

SiteGround also comes with free migration plugin known as WP Migrator in case you need it or already have an existing site on another platform like BlueHost (which this plan does not support).

SiteGround is a popular web host in the WordPress community. They offer daily backups, Cloudflare CDN, WP CLI and SSH on their cheapest plan which costs USD $5.95/month but staging is limited to more expensive plans that cost between $11.95–$14.95 per month depending upon features chosen by users like free migrations or supercacher for example.

However no plan offers free domains with SiteGround so space too varies from 20 GB-30GB dependent upons the price of monthly subscription selected starting at just under 7 dollars per month.



BlueHost is recommended by WordPress as the best hosting company for WP, and offers a number of free services that come with both its normal WP plan and more expensive Pro version. The normal package automatically installs WordPress after purchase while updating any required software.

It also provides a FREE SSL which helps rankings on search engines plus enhances security across the site in general. There are three plans, the cheapest of which costs $3.95/month. The plan includes 50 GB storage space, unlimited bandwidth for 5 parked websites as well 25 subdomains allowed on 1 domain hosted by WP Engine.

It also offers a free domain to be used in the first year while offering 100$ credit towards Bing ads or Google Ads every month.

For an extra cost per site you can host up to 10 sites with no limit on their size either whereas its other two best cheap WordPress hosting plan both offer unlimited website creation without any data restrictions at all.

All these 3 top deal comes with 2 bonuses- staging capabilities that help easily test new designs before taking them live and WP engine’s own security software protecting your blog from malware attacks.

With its best cheap WordPress hosting plans, BlueHost offers impressive speed and uptime. However, you can check their servers for yourself in this transparent review of various tests on the servers.

The company also provides analytics tools to help your website rank higher in search engines like Google Analytics which gives detailed information about visitors to a particular site using data collected from many sources including web browsers, mobile devices etc.; security features such as SSL certificates.

SEO optimization tools that will enhance your business’s online presence through better rankings by constantly monitoring keywords used across all social media platforms.

E-mail marketing services that allow users manage newsletters even when they are traveling or busy with other work because it has an easy drag & drop editor interface so one does not have to keep a constant check.



The Hatchling plan from HostGator is one of the best cheap WordPress hosting solutions that offers free migrations (1 website), a free domain, CDN as well as free SSL certificates.

The cheapest yet very well established host claims to handle 100,000 visitors/month although I’d say aim for less than this number. It also features automated backups and automatic malware removal so you don’t have to stress about any issues with your site!

The only downside to the website is that it doesn’t support staging on its WordPress hosting plans. However, if your site isn’t constantly experiencing real-time traffic and needs a place for experimentation with imperfect versions, this would not matter much because you’d be able to experiment without worrying about ruining the final product.

Live chat available as well so any issues could easily be solved by an expert in case of problems along the way!



iPage’s WordPress hosting plans are the cheapest starting from only $3.75/month, with a free domain and unlimited bandwidth as well as space – good for those who need lots of storage.

iPage also comes pre-installed with more than 20 themes and plugins to get you up on your feet quickly without any hassle. It even offers 100% uptime guaranteed which means that if it goes down at all they will provide a credit or refund themselves automatically – no questions asked!

However, there is one downside!

Automatic updates aren’t included in their price so you’re left to update WP manually yourself when needed (such upgrades increase security). Also, iPage doesn’t offer “free” migration services if moving hosts.

Unlike Bluehost, iPage offers automatic Malware removal on its top tier plan. The more expensive $6.95/month plan provides Sitelock and faster support than the cheapest WordPress hosting at just USD $0.99/month($1 cheaper).

Payment modes are also similar to that of BlueHost with PayPal & cards accepted for easy purchase of plans by customers worldwide(useful if you live outside US like me!).

But there is no mention about a free domain name which can be offered as an added value product in my opinion along with better customer service options like 24×7 chat or phone call-back option instead of email only response time (which has been slow lately I’ve noticed).

InMotion Hosting


The WordPress hosting service, InMotion Hosting is renowned for its high-quality server configuration and fast speeds. The cheapest plan starts at $6.99/month with many features including a free domain name, SSL certificate preinstalled on the site as well as migrations which are all included in this price making it incredibly affordable compared to other hosts out there who charge upwards of 15$ per month alone just for these things!

Getting started with one of WP Web Host is simple, and it costs nothing. The money-back guarantee lasts for 90 days which puts them in second place on the list!

The best free hosting that you can find online starts off by offering a credit worth $150 to every new customer who signs up under your URL. 

With unlimited bandwidth included as well, there are multiple plans available at varying prices depending upon what features you need most. This includes basic support around 20 k visitors per month or more advanced options like extra domains allowed or increased storage space among other things such as live chat being accessible 24 hours 7 days a week too.

Accu Web Hosting


I wouldn’t mention Accu Web Hosting in my best cheap WordPress hosting article if they didn’t have a free plan. The features on their paid plans are impressive but I think the free one is even better!

With 1 domain, 30 GB bandwidth, 2 GB storage and up to 5 k monthly visits you can handle it all for no cost at all with them!

They also offer 25 email accounts along with 10 SQL databases. So, your website will never run out of space or be slow because of too many users trying to access them simultaneously.

SSL certificates come standard (free ones) as well as staging which allows beta testing before releasing anything live onto production servers. Its a must when dealing with web apps like WP sites that need security updates often.

Accu Web Hosting is known for being cheap. They are the only provider on this list that offers a free plan. Despite it being free, their features may compete with plans that you have to pay for.

For example, there’s 1 domain allowed per account and 30 GB of bandwidth/2GB storage available as well as 5K page views each month. Not bad at all considering it’s completely FREE!

One thing people will appreciate about Accu Web hosting is that they provide 25 E-mails addresses & 10 SQL databases per account. This ones another feature many paid hosts don’t offer (at least without charging more).

On top of having an SSL certificate included in every package along with staging support which can come in handy during development stages.

A2 Hosting



There are many services that provide hosting for WordPress sites, but BlueHost is particularly great. Their plans start out at $3.92/month with free domains and migrations included in their packages. The plans also include SSL certificates and fre E-mails accounts.

You can also use a free CloudFlare CDN. Staging your website before going live on it allows you to test everything with no hiccups. You can enjoy sliders & themes within its 1-click installer too!

The most expensive plan costs USD $9.31/month, but it is very worth the price. It includes A2 site accelerator, LiteMage caching software to speed up your website with less servers for better performance.

They also include WP LiteSpeed Cache and live-chat support which are all great features. These features come in handy when you have a lot of users on your websites.

A2 Hosting is Refund Heaven. They offer an unbeatable anytime money-back guarantee and allows you to choose your server locations like Chicago, Amsterdam or Singapore.



Hostinger offers cheap WordPress hosting services and is a great option for anyone who wants to get started with their blog quickly. However, it doesn’t offer as many features and add-ons compared to BlueHost, SiteGround and iPage.

Its $2.89/month plan includes a free domain and $3.99/month plan includes an SSL certificate.

Both plans also give you unlimited space and bandwidth to build something quickly or easily in WordPress. It has all the features included right out-of-the box without having to install anything extra on your own time!

100 subdomains are allowed per month across both plans so you can host multiple websites. 

PayPal, various credit and debit cards as well as Bitcoin can all be used to make payments on their platform. There’s a 30-day refund policy for customers who are not satisfied with the service they received during the trial period.

However, there is no live chat available unless you register/sign up first before interacting with any customer support representatives at PayPal.

They do offer free migrations of existing accounts from other payment platforms.



HostArmada offers a ton of other freebies with their managed WordPress plans. For starters, you get a free domain if you sign up for one of these options. If you already have your own domain name, then opt for the option that comes with Free Migration instead! Whichever plan is more expensive promises 7 backups per day!

When it comes to website hosting, you don’t want a mediocre plan. That’s why HostArmada offers amazing service at an affordable price starting from $3.99/month for 10 k+ hits!

With their 45-day money-back guarantee and 24×7 live chat support, you can test the services without any worries. No more fears of being scammed out your hard earned cash!!

While I was testing them, they made sure my websites were always up with speeds that are super-fast. So, even when there is high traffic on these sites its all real results not just some marketing mumbo jumbo!



NameCheap specializes in providing cheap hosting services to small-medium sized businesses. While their cheapest plan is somewhat limited, it’s definitely a great place for beginners. You can set up a shop on the web quickly and easily without having too many features to confuse you.

Plus, they don’t try to force you into signing long contracts either. This can be very helpful if your business decides not only its location but also requires any quick changes down the line.

WordPress is known for its ability to handle automated updates. It features a “maintenance mode” which makes staging possible. Also it offers two other plans in case you need more space or visitors on your site.

The cheapest plan costs $44.88/year with 50 GB storage that can accommodate 200,000 unique users per month. While the most expensive one costs $49.88/year but provides 100 GB of storage. The plan is good enough for up to 500,000 monthly unique users.

There’s even live chat available. If 30 days are not long enough though they do offer refunds via PayPal, credit card or bitcoin.



If WordPress says Dream Host is one of the best cheap web hosts, who am I to argue?

Well yes, it’s official. According to their latest blog post on hosting providers, this American-based company offers some great deals for cheaper prices than other competitors like BlueHost.

Their cheapest plan starts at $2.59/month and comes preinstalled with WordPress.

It also includes:

  • 1 free domain name registration per month (you can get your own custom url),
  • unlimited space & bandwidth usage ,
  • SSL Certificate integration
  • and allows you host only 1 website or domain.

Using their free WordPress website builder, you can create a unique and beautiful site on one of seven different themes. They also offer unlimited domains with the Shared plan (the cheapest).

If for some reason services aren’t available at all times, then they will migrate or clone to get it back up and running in no time.

The more expensive Managed plans include pre-installed Jetpack plugin. This includes:

  • automated backups,
  • built-in server level caching,
  • speed improvements by compressing images automatically so pages load faster than ever before.
  • No migrations! But with staging you can try out changes without affecting live content or traffic.

The impressive 97-day refund policy gives you an extra 3 weeks to get your money back. If there’s a problem, use the live chat and ask for help in real time!

There are also more payment methods than BlueHost or SiteGround accept. This includes PayPal, credit/debit cards, gift-cards, and even cheques!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Which is the cheapest WordPress hosting?

BlueHost offers the cheapest WordPress hosting services starting at $2.75 per month. Hostinger is another Indian web hosting companies offering cheap WordPress hosting.

What is NameCheap Easy WP?

EasyWP is a Managed WordPress hosting service offered by NameCheap with one-click WordPress access. In a single dashboard, you can manage SSL, backups, and more.

What are the disadvantages of WordPress?

Although WordPress is free, but you need lots of plugins for SEO, design and content management. This takes a lot of space and could even slow down your website.


So which one amongst the cheap WordPress hosting services is the best?

I’d say BlueHost. Or, go with A2 hosting. These two companies offer the best speeds, uptime, support and free add-ons at an affordable price. These companies never sacrifice quality of service or features.

If you just want to get started for as little money possible Hostinger also offers great value. But Hostinger won’t have everything either so iPage or SiteGround would be a good choice.

There are a lot of companies that offer cheap WordPress hosting. It’s hard to choose who is the best because each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some have more features, while others might be cheaper or just better servers for your website needs.

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