10 Advantages of Using Drupal

Drupal system has become very popular nowadays all over the world. Tons of various sites were created with the help of this content management system, from individual ones to the websites of whole companies.


There are a lot of advantages that make Drupal system so highly popular and here are top ten of them:

1. It is open

Drupal CMS being an open source needs no license for selling development work of any sort done in Drupal, it requires no royalty as well. The source code of Drupal application or program is accessible by anyone. There is no restriction for any program to be used in personal purposes or for business use.

2. It is easy to use.

Using Drupal system there is no need in any special technical skills in the coding (for example html coding). Even those who are not familiar at all with coding and programming in general can make website in Drupal without any problem.

3. It is friendly to search engines.

The Drupal CMS was designed totally from the objective of search engines ranking and crawling. The dynamic URL of a site’s page can be represented as static one that is the reasons why the websites made in Drupal are in favor with search engines.

4. Market penetration.

The Drupal CMS has captured a huge market in the web development area. Some very popular and reputed websites were made in Drupal.

5. It is scalable.

Most Drupal modules are totally ready for possible future scalabilities. Some additional features like forums, blogs, calendars or e-commerce are ready to be easily implemented any moment.

6. It has awesome theme.

Drupal based amazing themes are popular and trendy these days both with big enterprises and small individual websites. The CMS offers numerous themes totally for free. Moreover – thousands of free and paid templates can be found online.

7. It is incredibly valuable.

Drupal system gives possibility to add incredible value to any website by offering numerous components, mambots, modules and many others. There is no limitation in creating websites with the help of Drupal.

8. Core compatibility.

Drupal system offers perfect compatibility with PostgreSQL, PHP or MySQL.

9. It is browser compatible.

The CMS is perfectly compatible with a row of the most used browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and more). This permits to achieve equal website functionality on all the browsers.

10. It is greatly supported

As it is an open source system, thousands of experienced Drupal developers can be found online as well as Drupal development companies like DruCode. They are ready to help anytime so there will be no problems with Drupal operation and handling.

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